"Again and again we are reborn. It is not enough simply to be born of the mother's womb. Many births are necessary. Be reborn always and everywhere. Again and again."
Tatsumi Hijikata

BIO in English

January, 2017

Holding a Masters of Theatre and Performing Arts from Lisbon’s Superior School of Theatre and Cinema and a Bachelor of Philosophy through Lisbon’s New University (final dissertation with philosopher José Gil on “actor’s body and meaning”), Joana Pupo trained in Theatre at the Nancy-Tuñon Studio (Barcelona, Spain). In 2005 she was selected for the international Nouvelle École des Maîtres with Italian director Carlo Cecchi and later worked with École again (in 2006 and 2008), as an assistant and translator to Pippo Delbono (Italy) and Enrique Diaz (Brasil).
Joana has been working in creation with pieces, which explore the relationship between movement, interdisciplinary art making, site-specific and dramaturgy. She’s actually touring, with choreographer Marina Nabais, their co-creation for libraries: Body-Map-Book (2016). Recently she created with the musicians of Sonoscopia and plastic artist Inês de Carvalho the pieces: CorAR (2016) and O Que É Uma Coisa É? (2014). With the choreographer Marcia Lança and actor’s from Riga’s National Theatre, she created Happiness and Misery (2014)  for Riga European Capital of Culture.
She has directed and acted in pieces as A Fuga de Wang-fô ('06-’10, Portugal), Emacigarramento (’09, Portugal) e A Time For Time (’11, NY). She has directed with Catarina Santana, the piece Vosch-Vusch, Um Bosque em Marcha, for the TEUC (Coimbra’s University Students Theatre). She has also directed the piece Nós Invertebrados (2016), with the graduating students from ESTAL (Escola Superior de Tecnologias e Artes de Lisboa).
As an actress, she works with a diverse range of projects and companies in Portugal and Spain such as Artistas Unidos, Inestética, Marionet, Teatro do Montemuro, Propositário Azul, Voa Dora, Sónia Barbosa/Teatro Viriato.

She is a permanent member of the pedagogic team from ESTAL, and also works at Espaço EVOE and the professional training for IDS/A Barraca. She is a member of SEE (SITI Extended Ensemble) and follows the methods of Suzuki and Viewpoints from the SITI Company, New York, since 2010.